News from the Eeftens Lab

Welcome to Zubi Aimee Govers

Jorine Eeftens
12 April 2023

Welcome to Zubi Aimee Govers, who started her Bachelor internship today. Zubi is in the Molecular Life Sciences program at the Radboud University. Welcome Zubi!

Welcome to Zhangfan Li

Jorine Eeftens
06 March 2023

Welcome to Zhangfan Li, who started his Master internship today. Zhangfan is in the Chemistry of Life program at the Radboud University. Welcome Zhangfan!

Welcome to Wojciech Lipiński

Jorine Eeftens
01 February 2023

Welcome to Wojciech Lipiński, who started his postdoctoral research today. Wojciech is co-advised by Evan Spruijt. Welcome Wojciech!

Happy Holidays & Farewell to Letitia

Jorine Eeftens
21 December 2022

We enjoyed our lab Holiday Borrel, exchanging well wishes before we all take a well deserved break. We also said goodbye to Letitia, who finished her Master’s internship and will go on to a new lab in Heidelberg, Germany. All the best for your career, Letitia!

Welcome to Wessel Rodenburg

Jorine Eeftens
01 November 2022

Wessel Rodenburg joins the lab! Wessel has a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, and will start his PhD in the lab today. Welcome Wessel!