News from the Eeftens Lab

Welcome to Sven Ebben

Jorine Eeftens
04 September 2023

Welcome to Sven Ebben, who started his Bachelor internship today. Sven is in the Molecular Life Sciences program at the Radboud University. Welcome Sven!

Zhangfan finishes his internship

Jorine Eeftens
18 August 2023

Zhangfan successfully finished his Masters internship in the lab, meaning he (almost) finished all requirements for his MSc in Molecular Sciences. Congratulations Zhangfan!

The Eeftens lab moved!

Jorine Eeftens
01 August 2023

Due to renovation of the RIMLS research tower, we have temporarily relocated to the Huygens building. For the coming year, we are happily cohabitating with the Biomolecular Chemistry group at the IMM. We look forward to accelerating our ongoing collaborations and fostering new ones on this side of the street!

Zubi finishes her internship

Jorine Eeftens
30 June 2023

Zubi successfully finished her Bachelor internship in the lab, meaning she finished all requirements for her BSc in Molecular Life Sciences. Congratulations Zubi, and all the best for your Master!

Lab outing 2023

Jorine Eeftens
10 June 2023

Our 2023 lab outing was fun! We took a graffiti workshop and made an entire wall of science graffiti art, followed by dinner and drinks. Proud of this joint effort!