News from the Eeftens Lab

Lumicks blogpost on C-trap installation

Jorine Eeftens
19 April 2022

Lumicks wrote a blog post about the C-trap installation in our lab, check it out!

Welcome to Tieke Kuijpers

Jorine Eeftens
14 April 2022

Tieke Kuijpers joins the lab! Tieke is studying Molecular Life Sciences, and will do her Bachelor internship project in our lab. Welcome Tieke!

Welcome to Luuk Daris

Jorine Eeftens
01 April 2022

Luuk Daris joins the lab! Luuk has a degree in Molecular Life Sciences from the Radboud University, and will start his PhD in the lab today. Welcome Luuk!


Interview with the Dean

Jorine Eeftens
28 March 2022

Jorine and Rosemary Yu were interviewed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science on their research.

Welcome to Letitia Fernandez

Jorine Eeftens
18 January 2022

Master student Letitia Fernandez joins the lab. Letitia is originally from India and in The Netherlands to pursue her masters degree in Medical Epigenomics. Welcome Letitia! letitia